5 in 1 Wireless Lost Key Finder Locator Find Locater Alarm Keychain 40m by lgking supply

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Product Description
Stick the cradle on the wall and put the transmitter into it. Press buttons to find keys.
Powered by 27A batteries (included)
With 5 buttons to find 5 different things
LED: It will show a red light when the signal is sending out.
Colors: orange, black, pink, red, blue
Beeps to find the lost things, wear it with the thing that you want to find.
Find: When you want to find the lost things, just push the corresponding button, and the keychain will sound alarm, you can find the lost thing by the alarm.
How to match:
1. Use a pen or needle to turn on the first keychain, it will beep constantly ("dee.dee.dee.").
2. Push the button "A", LED on, and the keychain will stop beeping after matching.
3. Turn on the second keychain, and push button B, keychain will stop beeping after matching.
4. Do the same for the other keychains and buttons. Wear the 5 keychains on the things that you want to find.

Package Including

1 X Remote
5 X Keychain
1 X Holder
1 X User manual
1 X 27A battery

Key Product Features
Brand new & high qualilty
Small size, easy to carry
Find your key or any other items easily
Locate keys up to 40 meters (120 feet) away, through floors, walls, even sofa cushions