5 x L293D Stepper Motor Driver

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Product Description
Absolute Maximum Ratings:
Vs Supply voltage: 36 V
Vss Logic Supply Voltage: 36V
Vi Input signals: 7 V
Ven Enable Voltage: 7 V
Io Peak Output Current (100 μs non repetitive): 1.2A
Ptot Total Power Dissipation at Tpins: 90 °C, 4W
Tstg, Tj Storage and Junction Temperature: -40 to 150°C

Package Includes:
5 x L293D Driver Chip

Key Product Features
Channel Capability: 600mA output current / channel
Peak Output Current: 1.2A / Channel (non repetitive)
Enable facility
Over temperature protection
Logical 0 input voltage up to 1.5V (High noise immunity)
Internal clamp diodes
Pin No: 16 pins