6pcs Stick n Click LED Bright Lights - Click Push On Off Light For Kitchen Cupboard Garage

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Product Description
Lots of customers buy these also for kids night-light, stick under a bunk bed for reading at night, stick one in the car boot , under kitchen cupboards or wardrobes ,closets display cabinets, under the stairs or ideal as an emergency light in case of a blackout, garden sheds or garages --anywhere you need light were you don't have power socket- We all have torches, but when you need one, you can't find it or the batteries are dead- these lights most commonly stuck in dark areas of the house,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Easy to Install For fast, easy installation, simply use the supplied adhesive tape to mount the lights onto almost any surface--no wiring or plugs required. Each light comes equipped with energy-efficient LEDs that will last for up to 100 hours on three AAA batteries (not included). Best of all, the tap lights turn on/off with just a touch. Three LEDS in each light. LED Floodlight Technology Better than Ordinary LED LED floodlight technology is a blend of special LED and lens technologies that create enhanced and more useable light.

Ordinary LEDs emit a highly concentrated beam of light and illuminate only a small area. They also provide very little ambient light--the area outside of the beam is dark.

Ordinary LEDs also emit a "hot" light, which produces glare and can cause eye-strain.

Package Including
1X 6pcs Stick n Click LED Bright Lights - Click Push On Off Light For Kitchen Cupboard Garage

Key Product Features
Stick-on tap lights with convenient tap-on/off technology
Super-bright LEDs offer energy-efficient lighting and never need replacing
Silver-toned ABS plastic construction; includes adhesive strips for easy installation
Set of 6 round push light