Cake Decorating Sugarcraft Modelling Tool Kit 8 Pieces Color Yellow

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Product Description
Set of 8 tools with 2 different shapes giving 16 shapes in total.
Size of Cutters approximately: 18 x 7.8 x 2.2 cm
Material: food grade plastic
An essential tool for flower modelling, used to cup and shape leaves, petals and frills
deal for use with a wide range of edible and non-edible materials including sugar paste (rolled fondant), petal paste (gum paste), marzipan or craft clays

Package Including

1 X Cake Decorating Sugarcraft Modelling Tool Kit 8 Pieces Color Yellow

Key Product Features
Features mouthes, eyes, ears and eyebrows etc.
Serrated and Tapered Cone Tool Used for indentations and embossing also good for creating cone shaped hollows, ideal for creating fantastic looking fruit like apples and pears etc.
The serrated cone is fantastic for making the throats of a wide variety of flowers. Tapered Cones 5/6 Star Tool Used as a single star embosser, also can be used to create the centres of 5 or 6 petal flowers.
Bulbulous Cone Tool A very versitile tool that can be used to hollow and emboss a variety of shapes, a fantastic frilling tool.
Flower Leaf Shaper Tool As it say a flower shaper, more often reffered to as a Dresden Tool. Perfect for creating fine detailed veining on leaves and flowers.

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