Shop-28yujin responds to COVID-19

How we’re taking care of employees during COVID-19

Shop-28yujin actions to help employees communities and customers affected by covid-19

How shop-28yujin prioritizes health and safety while fulfilling customer orders

Our top concern is ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

We've adjusted our practices so fulfillment center employees can practice social distancing in the following ways:

We've eliminated stand-up meetings during shifts in favor of new communication methods like signboards and text messages.

We've adjusted break room tables and microwaves so employees can eat and relax with new parameters in mind.

We've taken steps to reduce congestion by adjusting the way teams clock in and out, stopping post-shift security screenings, and staggering shift start times and break times.

We've shifted trainings so we don’t have employees gathering in one spot.
We've adjusted our hiring process to encourage social distancing and moved many activities online.

We're conducting daily audits of the new health and safety measures we've put into place to make sure people are educated and complying with this new normal.

We also assigned some of our top machine-learning technologists to capture opportunities in real time about how we can continue to improve social distancing in our buildings using technology.