0.2mm 7cc Cup Dual Act Gravity Feed Airbrush Kit / Double-Action Trigger, Perfect for General-Purpose Art-and-Craft Projects, Model-Railroad Detailing, R/C Car Bodies, Plastic Kits and Automotive Painting

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Product Description
This airbrush is made of high quality precision components that enable this airbrush to work efficiently while providing exceptional atomization and accurate spray control. Its comfortable feel and cutaway handle allows you to quickly flush and clean passageways by grabbing the needle chucking nut. Meanwhile it comes with a Nozzle Wrench and a 1.5 cc Eye Dropper

Redesigned trigger mechanism and larger needle-chucking nut for easy assembly
Dual-Action (Double-Action) Trigger Air/Fluid Control
Removing the Needle and Nozzle Caps enable you to spray the full range of texture and stippling effects
Perfect for general-purpose art-and-craft projects, as well as model-railroad detailing, R/C car bodies, plastic kits and automotive painting

15-30 PSI Working Pressure
0.2mm needle/nozzle
7ml tapered gravity feed cup
Nozzle Wrench and 1.5 cc Eye Dropper are included

Package Includes:
1 x Airbrush
1 x Eye Dropper
1 x Nozzle Wrench
1 x English User Manual

Key Product Features
Gravity feed cup is designed with a new funnel shape/for easy clean up and more efficient paint flow
Short paint passageway from cup to front of airbrush for responsive feel and quick cleaning
Superior control of airflow at the head of the airbrush through the Air Control Regulation Valve
A quick turn of the valve can instantly take you from full atomization to extra fine detail
Multi-Purpose Usage, as it works well with most paint media and applications