18 LED Light Flash Strobe Flashing White Emergency Alert Car 4 Mode

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Product Description
Case color: black
Dimension: approx. 13x88.9x6.3cm
Operating voltage: DC 12V
Power: approx. 6W
LED quantity: 18 (6 x 3 rows)
Light color: white
With 3 suckers
Powered by cigarette lighter (12V)

3 flashing modes:

1. Top and bottom rows flash fast for 8 times, followed by flashing center row quickly for 8 times. Repeat continuously.
2. All lights flash once simultaneously with a short pause between each flash. Repeat continuously.
3. Top and bottom rows flash quickly 1 time, followed by flashing center row quickly 1 time. Repeat continuously.
4. All lights flash urgently at the same time.

Package Including
1 x LED strobe light for car
1 x Charger
3 x Suction cup
1 x Screw

Key Product Features
High quality and 100% new and intact.
With 3 suckers
Easy to install
Adjustable angle to fit different screen