7pcs Brown Professional Cosmetic Makeup Make up Brush Brushes Set Kit with Silver Bag Case

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Product Description
The makeup brush set is easy to carry and use
Material:Plastic (Handle),Aluminum Ferrules,Synthetic Fibre
Bag Size:6.89 x 3.03 inch/ 17.5 x 7.7 cm(L x W)
It is suitable for each wise customer

1. Powder Brush Length: 5.51 in/14 cm Hair Length: approach 1.38in/3.5cm Hair Width: approach 1.18in/3cm
2. Eyeshadow Brush Length: 5.12in/13cm Hair Length: 0.39in/1cm Hair Width: 0.31in/0.8cm
3. Lip Brush Length: 5.04in/12.8cm Hair Length: 0.28in/0.7cm Hair Width: 0.16in/0.4cm
4. Eyeshadow Smudge Brush Length: 5.04in/12.8cm Hair Length: 0.28in/0.7cm Hair Width: 0.31in/0.8cm
5. Oblique Eyebrow Brush Length: 4.92in/12.5cm Hair Length:0.20in/0.5cm Hair Width:0.20in/0.5cm
6.Eyelash Brush Length: 6.81in/17.3cm Hair Length: 0.24in/0.6cm Hair Width: 0.003in/1mm
7. Eyebrow CombBrush Length: 5.51in/14cm Hair Length: 0.87in/2.2cm Hair Width: 0.39in/1cm
Package Includes:
1 x Powder Brush
1 x Eyeshadow Brush
1 x Eyeshadow Smudge Brush
1 x Oblique Eyebrow Brush
1 x Eyebrow Comb Brush
1 x Eyelash Brush
1 x Lip Brush

Key Product Features
Professional Cosmetic Brushes
Brushes Set Kit
Makeup Brushes Set
Brown Professional  Makeup Brushes