Adult Love Dice Gambling Fun Sex Game - White

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Product Description
This pair of love dice is a tribute to the human imagination! Now get a real kick out of playing dice with your partner/love interest. These adult love dice will spice up your life in ways you wouldn't have thought possible. They are as naughty as naughty can be. One of the dice in the pair has actions inscribed on its sides, such as : KISS, SUCK, TOUCH, ? , LICK and BLOW; while the other dice names body parts such as: NAVEL, THIGH, LIPS, HAND, NECK and EARS. Throw the dice and come up with some really erotic combinations to which you can make your partner/love interest submit. Have a fun and sexy time with your partner or gift them to your friends. They make for a unique and arousing present for a couple!

Package Including
1 X Adult Love Dice Gambling Fun Sex Game

Key Product Features 
Brand new, high quality dice packaged in beautiful organza bag with ribbon
Actions: Kiss, Suck, Touch, ?, Lick and Blow
Parts: Navel, Thigh, Lips, Hand, Neck and Ears
Roll the dice and make your partner suffer the consequences of this game of chance
Fun and sexy activity for adults

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