African rosewood shock spikes / Large speaker bookshelf box floor box mat / Machine feet / Rack / Equipment rack

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African rosewood shock spikes / Large speaker bookshelf box floor box mat / Machine feet / Rack / Equipment rack

Product Description 

Material: African Rosewood old material (wood wax on the surface of several grinding oil treatment, the need for manual and more, cost more than three times more expensive than paint).
Specifications: 50mmX50mmX50mm.
Package Including:
1 x African rosewood shock spikes.


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Key Product Features

African rosewood grown in West and East Africa's tropical rain forests, and in the tropical regions of West Africa. Good mechanical properties, durability, wear resistance, and material was bright red, after sawing gradually turn into purple to brown, and red stripes. Texture, straight, but because of the structure of the roughness moderate, so there are the reason twill. Weight 640-800kg / m3, an average of 720kg / m3, accounting for 0.72. Excellent mechanical properties, flexural strength, high compressive strength, impact strength, and hardness in.
Special rosewood interior cavity structure by natural capillary screen, and the formation of the equipment itself make certain harmful effects of resonance peaks Diego waves have been eliminated, and the system can move a lot of equipment from the effects of its own resonance frequency of the vibration, make equipment to restore its original high level of performance.
Take three to four feet nailed a speaker or amplifier, audio, CD, etc. (the three most stable, but at home with children or for safety reasons, three feet four relatively speaking is not easy to hit the nail buyers flexibility ).
This is the natural growth of artificial wood sanding, cutting personalized differences and dried, there will be an error of plus or minus 0.5mm, and the natural growth of wood is impossible hundred percent of each agreement, the pursuit of perfection Convicted beat.
This wooden mats Keep receipt, not in direct sunlight, or windy place, preferably in a cool place. In order to avoid possible wood cracks appear.