Antique brown speaker face mask cloth

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Product Name
Antique brown speaker face mask cloth
speaker cloth 0.5 meters

Product Description
Product Type: Speaker Cloth
Manufacturer Part Number: YBI200012
Country Of Origin: China
Unit: PC

The area is 1.5 m X 0.5 meters of speaker cloth.
Antique brown speaker face mask cloth size: wide 1.5 m.
Width of 1.5 m is fixed, the length can be extended - 0.5 m / 1.0 m / 1.5 m / 2.0 m..., while shipments of a single piece of cloth is continuing!

Key Product Features
Antique brown speaker face mask cloth
Mesh Speaker face cloth
Speaker Grille Cloth
Net fabric speaker net fabric
Speaker cloth 0.5 meters

Package Including
1 X Antique brown speaker face mask cloth

Mesh is glued to the front frame horn speakers, one is decorated; secondly is to make high school bass directive not too strong, so that a harmonious mix, if the position of high school sub woofer distance, you will feel a pronunciation treble a pronunciation bass, very mixed, but can not see because the cloth cover Internet speaker, it seems to be a mix of sounds emitted as; three to is to protect the speaker, the speaker will not easily let down to not fill dirt is quickly becomes old.

Speaker net drop cloths production steps:
1 According to the actual size of the cut is good cloth grille width (cloth must be greater than the area of screen frame).
2 Apply glue in the corners (adhesive), you can purchase special glue shop.
3 The mesh taut, edge network box surrounded by tight, you can.
4 Ironing with an iron.
5 Complete. 

Note: in order to meet customer requirements,  when you are placing your orders, if you want to buy whole piece of speaker cloth, please indicate in the remarks column of the order.
If there is no special remark, the number of shipped goods  will be the number of orders of goods.

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