Aquarium Fish Tank Simulation of Plastic Plant Soft Coral Simulation Color Hippocampus

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Product Description
Product Name: Color Hippocampus
Material: Green Silicone
Product Weight: 33 g
Color: Green/Yellow/Red (Random)
Product Dimensions: (W X H) 3.5 CM X 10 CM

Package Content :
1 x Fish Tank Simulation of Plastic Plant Color Hippocampus

Key Product Features
Do not fade.
No odor and green .
It is ideal aquarium landscaping, material plastics.

Placed in the aquarium can wander, let your tank to increase somewhat dynamic!
1 Remove the Dragon when in use, note that it is connected to a suction cup with a thin line, not the line broke, suction cups at the bottom of the tank or tank wall, adjust the length of thread is good, so it.
2 Aquarium special protection material, no pollution and aquatic organisms can harm denitrifying bacteria attached to provide places.
3 Recommends the use of surf surfing pump pump, so lion fish will float back and forth.
4 If you want to achieve the best results viewing, it is recommended the tank installation purple, red lamp!