Cabinet Door & Cupboard Lock -- Adhesive / Childproof / Babyproof -- Pack of 2 - Multi-colored

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Product Description

All children are inquisitive. Cupboards, appliances, doors, lids and openings of every type are fascinating to small children but may represent a hidden hazard. To avoid the risks, then childproof your kids and babies with these cabinet locks.

It is particularly important to lock cabinets containing hazardous substances such as cleaning fluids and medicines.

These cabinet locks will not damage your existing cabinet doors. Strong adhesive pads on the back of the lock will enable you to securely fix them onto any cabinet or cupboard door.

Remember you still need easy access to the cupboard even if you don't want your child opening it and that's why these are the perfect solution for both you and your kids

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Package Including

2 X  Cabinet Door & Cupboard Lock