Electronic Shisha Charcoal

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Product Description
1. It adopts new high-tech heat conduction technology, low-voltage DC power supply, overall high-density ceramic structure, stable performance; besides, the heating temperature is the same as charcoal.
Smokeless, no toxic, odorless, no ash, no sparks and safety.
High efficiency and energy saving, environment friendly, long time and low cost for using, beautiful shape and convenient transport.

AC Adapter ,input: AC100-240V 50/60HZ output:12V(MIN)-16V(MAX)
Avertissement: Risque de choc electrique,NE PAS OUERIR

2.The usage of electronic shisha charcoal:

First step: Pour the water into the glass bottle until it covers one third of the bottle.Second step: Insert the hookah pipe into the glass bottle, and then tighten it.Third step: Fix the bowl, and fill it with your favorite tobacco.The fourth step: Cover the bowl with a tin foil, make some holes, and then put the electronic shisha charcoal on the foil. Connect the set with the power, insert the hose. 6 minutes later you can smoke. When you finish smoking, unplug the device. Before removing the Electronic Shisha Charcoal, leave it as it was about 8 to 10 minutes to cool down, and then put it on the stand. Finally, clean the impurities with a brush at the heating parts. Besides, its heating environmental friendly, long time and low cost for using, beautiful shape and convenient transport..

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1 X Electronic Shisha Charcoal

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100% Brand New and high quality.

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