Fish Tank Aquarium 7" Air Diffuser Tube Bubble Wall

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Product Description
Product Name : Aquarium Bubble Wall Air Stone Tube;
Suitable for : Fish Tank, Aquarium
Design : Tube Shaped;
Material : Plastic, Rubber, Polycyl
Tube Size : 17.78 x 1cm /7" x 0.39"(L*D);
Color : Green/Blue
Net Weight : 39 g

Package Content :
1 x Bubble Wall Air Stone Tube
2 x Suction Cup 

Key Product Features
Instantly creates a mist of tiny bubbles that your fish will love,
The 7-inch Bubble Wall Tube evenly distributes fine bubbles in your tank;
Bubble wall comes complete with suckers to attach it to your aquarium and a free converter to add additional bubbles walls; Additional bubble walls can be joined with the enclosed connector, can be cut with a razor bladed to devide or shorten, super-porous and non-clogging.