Fondant Ribbon Cutter Roller Embosser Cake Decorating

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Product Description
Produces ribbon widths from 1/4in to 3-3/4in when combining spacers.
This package contains one roller handle with detachable roller and core; nine cutting wheels: three straight; three wavy and three zig-zag; eight embossing wheels: four striped and four beaded; seven spacers: one 1/3in; two 1/4in; 1/2in; 3/4in and 1in; and assembly hardware.

Package included:

1 roller. 8 embossing wheels - 4 striped, 4 beaded. 9 cutting wheels - 3 straight, 3 wavy, 3 zigzag. 9 spacers - 2 x 1/4'' wide, 1x 1/3'' wide, 2 x 1/2'' wide, 2 x 3/4'' wide, 2 x 1'' wide.

Key Product Features
This easy-to-use tool is the perfect way to add fantastic textured fondant ribbons; stripes and bows to your cake.
Just choose the cutting and embossing wheel designs you want; slide the washer; core; wheels and spacers on the roller handle; and roll on top of your fondant.
We suggest brushing the assembled roller with shortening for easy release.
The perfectly cut ribbon strips are ready to place right on your cake!
Perfect add beautiful textured fondant ribbons and stripes to your cake. Use spacers to create the perfect ribbon width.
Cuts fondant ribbons and stripes with exciting edge designs and imprinted textures. Just choose the designs you want, slide the cutting and embossing wheels, plus spacers on the roller, and roll on the fondant.
Emboss striped and beaded textures, cut zigzag, wavy and straight edges.