K.SHOW K7 Nanometer Spray Tester Pearl White

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Product Name: K7 Nanometer Spray Tester Pearl White
Model: K7

Product Description
The product uses high-precision control technology and chip technology shocks, 5 million times per second, the water molecules instantly transformed into nanoparticles penetrate the stratum corneum, clean skin, while moisturizing deep import, make skin moist. Especially suitable for sensitive muscle, muscle acne, fade fine lines, soothe the skin.
Pox control and oil control!

Power supply: charging plug
Fog time: 10 seconds or less
Color Classification: Pearl White
Suitable for: domestic use
Spray heat: cold spray

Main features: deep water, soothing skin
Spray volume: 1.2-1.8 ML / min
Power: 3.7 V
Water tank capacity: 20 ML
Material: integrated circuits, atomization chip
Atomized particles: 0.3 μm
Battery capacity: 2200 mAh
Height: 12 cm
Net Weight: 96 g

Package Including
1 X K.SHOW K7 Nanometer Spray Tester Pearl White

Key Product Features
Large LED transparent water tank, 20ml capacity, removable.
The real nano spray water anywhere without makeup.
Spray a long time, full time can make more than 12 hours continuously.
Emergency charge, on the bag, you can not later in another band mobile power, when it can charge the phone battery died, at least for iPhone 5S full time, reduce the burden on the bag.
International brand ultra-strict testing standards, the quality is absolutely OK, before all products are manufactured after repeated testing three 72 hours to ensure that the customer is sent to the quality of clearance.

Mineral water pH contrast - normal skin PH value is weak acid, if your skin oily prone, Please choose alkaline water, if neutral or dry Please select closer to normal skin weakly acidic PH value water!
You do not need to set the time, you can get unlimited spray, when working blue lights.
Directly at the skin injection, built-in storage tank on the part of the instrument, keep the instrument upright spray best.
Spray each 1.2-1.8ML / min.
Using normal spray distance of about 10 centimeters of skin, post-harvest use makeup skin around about 15 cm.
This water meter with a USB charging cable and adapter, charging pink, full of green.     

On the Principle of Nanometer Spray Tester
Human skin cells about 10 microns in diameter, normal water can not absorb, while seven small nanoparticles will cut 300-500 nm liquid water, so that water can easily absorb.
The main role is to protect the skin surface of the stratum corneum of the skin and maintain the water balance, when severe dry skin will secrete oil to maintain balance, excessive secretion of oil, clogged pores will produce acne.
Mineral water rich in silicic acid, a natural keratolytic, can help improve skin moisture binding capacity, it allows cells to maintain flexibility. Small seven for the skin to add moisture, while also balancing the water and oil, increase skin elasticity, remove wrinkles, increase skin of white light. Long-term use, can improve acne muscle, fade redness, inhibit melanin, improve yellowish complexion.

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