Large Amplifier Plastic Feet (4 #) Speaker Subwoofer Amplifier Shock Pads Mats

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Product Name
Large Amplifier Plastic Feet (4 #)

Product Description
Product Type: Protective Plastic Feet
Manufacturer Part Number: YBI100016 / YBI100017 / YBI100018
Country Of Origin: China
Unit Type: PC 
Sold In: Pack   
             6 Pcs /Pack

Popular Color: Gold/Silver/Black
Material: ABS
Type: D shaft

Out Diameter: 48 mm
Height: 13 mm
Pointer: Colorful Cap and straight line
Shaft hole: D shaft 5 mm
Features: Corrosion resistance, optical enhancement,nice design

Apply to home theater,professional speaker, audio system, stage speaker, amplifier, sub woofer, etc.

Key Product Features
Machine Feet
Protective Plastic Feet
Purpose: increased heat amplifier, speakers, instruments, furniture, etc., anti-slip, moisture
Net weight: 8 grams / PC
Installation: with screws on the body, face down EVA pad. 

Package Including
6 X Large Amplifier Plastic Feet (4 #)

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