Lot 12pcs 20mm Small Mini Compasses for Survival Kit

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Product Name
Lot 12pcs 20mm Small Mini Compasses for Survival Kit

Product Description
Product Type: Mini Compasses
Manufacturer Part Number: YSP200001
Country Of Origin: China
Unit Type: PC
Sold In: Dozen

Popular Color: Black / Transparent cover
Material: Plastic, magnet, paper and so on

Compass Size: Diameter 20 mm / Thickness 7.5 mm
Net Weight: 2.3 grams/pc

Positioning refers to the North.
Compact, lightweight, practical.
Can also be used to travel on a strange place can not find the North to buy a house, children learning, etc.

1. Put the guide (North) needle, as long as the turntable to stop turning, look at the dial on the word on the line, N is north, S is south, E is east, and W is west.
2. When using the guide (north) pin, there must be no iron, magnet, etc. interference guide (north) needle used items; guide (north) pin must be flat.
3. Should stay away from the magnet, iron and other magnetic items stored at room temperature away from light.

Key Product Features
OD size: 20 mm (approximately size of a penny)
Liquid filled, works under sub-freezing temperatures.
Easy to read compass dial sealed with clear acrylic top and black plastic base.
Grooved edge for easy carrying with a lanyard ..
Each compass weight only 0.08oz ..

Package Including
12 X Small Mini Compasses for Survival Kit