M8 x 60 Copper Silver Speaker Spike

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Product Name
M8 x 60 Copper Silver Speaker Spike 

Product Description
Product Type:  Speaker Spike   
Manufacturer Part Number: YBI100021
Country Of Origin: China
Unit Type: Set (1 PC Spike + 1 PC Pad )
Sold In: 4 Sets

Popular Color: Silver
Material: Copper

Fit for: M8*60
Size: the total length of speaker spike: 6.1 cm
Base pad diameter: 2.5 cm
Product weight: 48 g/set

Apply to audio&video system, professional speaker,Home theater
Multimedia Speaker,active speaker,loudspeaker,DJ speaker,Machine
M8 x 60 Copper Silver Speaker Spike
Speaker Cone Base Pads
Adjustable Balance Nut

Key Product Features
It can put it alone under the equipment and speaker,it also can put it into shockproof to minimize the harmful vibration.
This product have a adjustable balance nut,it is used in the sound base or the sound frame base.
This product lets the acoustic equipment isolated from the underground, so it can obtain pure sound.
The metal spikes are attached to the base of a speaker to isolate it from the floor with one spike in each corner of the speaker cabinet
Each spike has a screw style
Durable and not easy to oxidation.

Package Including
4 X  M8 * 60 Copper Silver Speaker Spikes
4 X  Speaker Cone Base Pads

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