Solar Panel Charger Controller Regulator 10A 12V/24V

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Product Description
The product can automatically manage the work of Solar Panel and battery in Solar System, which is below 120W (12V) or below 240W (24V).
Connect the "+", "-" poles of the battery to the correct ports of controller (the third and the fourth one from left)
If load indicator (mark: load) flickers once and starts lighting after 30 seconds, you can tell the connection is correct and proceed the following operation.
Connect the "+", "-" poles of the solar panel to the correct ports of controller (the first and the second one from left)
Connect the "+", "-" poles of the load to the correct ports of controller (the fifth and the sixth one from left)
Indicator LED:
The lighting of Charge LED means the battery is being charged strongly; Flickering means the battery is in floating charge mode; Off means charging stopped
The lighting of Load LED means there is output and load can work; Off means there isn't output and the load cannot work
Make sure the rated voltage of solar panels, batteries and loads are same and are all 12V or all 24V
The rated current of solar panels and load must be less than the rated current of controller
Rated Voltage: 12V or 24V
Rated Charging Current: 10A
Rated Load Current: 10A
Working Temperature: -20 - +60 Celsius degree
Dimension (L x W x H): Approx. 101 x 95 x 35 mm
Quantity: 1

Key Product Features
Over-load protection
Short circuit protection
Protection from the lightning strike
Under-voltage protection
Over-charging protection

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