Speaker Feet Nails (M10 * 45) 10 MM Pure Copper Foot Nails

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Product Name
Speaker Feet Nails (M10 * 45) / Audio Shock Feet Nails / 10 MM Pure Copper Foot Nails

Product Description
Product Type:  Speakers Fixed Spikes 
Manufacturer Part Number: YBI100030
Country Of Origin: China
Unit Type: PC
Sold In: Set

Popular Color: Black / Dark Grey
Material: Pure Copper.
Plating: Nickel-plated Black
Package Weight: 89 g / set

Screw Diameter: 10 MM
Features: Corrosion resistance, optical enhancement,nice design

M10 Hardware Audio Accessories
Audio Accessories Spikes
Speakers Fixed Spikes
Apply to audio&video system, professional speaker,Home theater
Multimedia Speaker,active speaker,loudspeaker,DJ speaker,Machine

Key Product Features
High hardness of copper, durable, not bent.
Set a high degree of balance adjustment nut, to solve the problem of uneven ground.
Nickel-plated surface treatment, decorative effect is very high-end fashion.
Reasonable structural design, so that the impact of speakers to achieve the ultimate shock.
M10 bold thread, can withstand sub woofer and other large volume of weight speakers, the effect is better and more solid.
High-quality M10 pure copper foot nails, HI-FI speakers and speaker stand suspension dedicated to eliminate the box with the ground sound pollution, access to pure sound.

Package Including
1 X Speaker Feet Nails (M10 * 45) 10 MM Pure Copper Foot Nails
1 X Speaker Feet Pad

Under normal circumstances, the speaker or amplifier, audio, CD, etc. which need three to four spikes (three of the most stable, four relatively three pin is not easy to knock down)