Whisky Rocks Whisky Stones 9pcs with Velvet Bag

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Product Description
Whisky Stone Size: about 2.0x2.0x2.0 cm
Put them into water for some minutes, then put them into freezer some hours before you use. More pieces into whisky, the affect will be better. It is washable after use.
Unlike ice cubes, they gently cool your drink without diluting them.
Made from "soft" stone, these rocks won't scratch glassware.
They are also inert so they won't affect the flavor of any drink.

Package included: 9pcs whiskey stones with velvet bag.

Key Product Features
Advantages compared to traditional cube:
1. Cool idea, cool gift.
2. They look great in the glass.
3. Bring a mellow chill to the drink, don`t melt or water down your fine drink flavour.
4. The stone edges are rounded, preventing scratching.
5. The stones stay at the bottom of the glass.
6. The stones don't add any flavors or smells.

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