X8 Facial Cleansing Instrument

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Product Name: X8 Facial Brush (Facial Cleansing Instrument)
Model: X8
Main material: (medical activity) silicone
Color classification: light green / pink

Can I change the brush head: No
Is it possible to adjust the vibration frequency: Yes
Work mode: electric rotation
Battery: 250 mAh
Charging method: Dedicated charging base

Product Size: 65X45X120 MM (host)
                      65X65X134 MM (base)
Gross Weight: 442 g
Net Weight: 105 g
Waterproof and dustproof rating: IP66
Ergonomic design: feel more comfortable

Package including:
1X Facial Cleansing Instrument

Key Product Features
Soothing massage lifting mode to use
1. Open the low-frequency mode of the cleanser (press the key twice), and then use the negative U-shaped brush can gently soothing massage the skin, soothing mode can not only compact the skin, but also promote skin care products to absorb.
2. It is recommended that the following modes be in the following area for about 12 seconds.
3. Instrument vibration every 12 seconds will be a short pause for prompt.
4. In this mode, please close your eyes, relax your face, and then place the soothing surface of the cleanser (that is, the opposite side of the cleanser) in the following wrinkle areas (these areas of the muscles are most likely to produce worry lines, crow's feet, ).

Remark: the use of cleansing instrument after a minute, the cleanser vibration will be quickly suspended three times. In order to prevent the use of excessive, cleanser in the soothing mode after three minutes automatically shut down.

X8 Facial Brush Instructions (Clean & SPA)
Use the cleaning mode
It is recommended to clean the different areas of the face, the area with about 15 seconds, high-frequency mode, the instrument vibration every 15 seconds after the indicator light will flash tips.
1. Before using a cleanser, moisten your face with water, apply your cleanser, and moisten the side of the cleanser.
2. Press the key to turn on the cleanser and enter the high frequency mode. From the chin, along the next E gently upward to the ear below, and then gradually clean the upper area, until the clean side of the cheek, according to the previous action to clean the other side of the cheek.
3. Then gently from the middle of the forehead to both sides of the soft, until the clean finished forehead.
4. Clean the nose with a cleanser on the side of the nose gently touch, and then use the same action to clean the other side of the nose.
5. When cleaning the following parts of the eye, it is recommended to press the multi-button to adjust to the low-frequency mode, especially gentle and outward.

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