YC 30255 Adult Disposable Mask /17.5 CM X 9.5 CM / 3 Layers / Mounting Ear Type

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Product Description

Part Name: Adult Disposable Mask

Specification: YC 30255 Adult Disposable Mask 
Product Size: 17.5 CM X 9.5 CM
product type: Adult / 3 Layers / Mounting Ear Type

Product application range: 1. It is mainly used for respiratory protection of related personnel, and can filter particles in the air to block flying maggots and various microorganisms. 2. Using BFE95 meltblown cloth, bacterial filtration efficiency ≧ 95%, effectively filtering bacteria and germs.

Product performance structure and composition: It is mainly made of PP non-woven fabric as raw materials (inner and outer layers) and melt-blown (interlayer).
Special storage conditions and methods: Store in a non-corrosive gas and well-ventilated room where the relative humidity does not exceed 80%, and avoid high temperatures.

Storage period: 1 year under specified conditions.

Package Including
12 X Adult Disposable Masks

Key Product Features

Using BFE95 meltblown cloth, bacterial filtration efficiency ≧ 95%.

Effectively filtering bacteria and germs.

Brand new and high quality

Cautions, warnings and informative instructions

Cartoon box is 50 PCS / CTN

1. Please check whether the packaging is intact before use, confirm the external packaging mark, production date, expiration date, and use it within the sterilization period.
2. Make sure that the mask is covered with the bridge of the nose to the jaw after deployment to obtain the desired protective effect.
3. This product is disposable, and it is forbidden to reuse it.
4. This product has been sterilized by UV irradiation (100000 uW.s / cm²). If the package is damaged before use, it is prohibited to use it.
5. Use with caution to those who are allergic to non-woven fabrics.
6. After using the product, it should be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of hospitals and environmental protection departments.

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